X4 Labs Review

4 Star user rating

When penis extenders were invented 15 years ago they changed the whole penis enlargement world. When the X4 Labs penis extender was invented 6 years ago it changed the whole penis extender market. They over-took all existing penis extenders providing users with added support, better prices and more options.

X4 Labs benefits

  • Can add length to your penis
  • Increased confidence & self-esteem
  • More rewarding sex life
  • Extra support options

The X4 Labs company are completely upfront and don’t make any unrealistic claims.  In studies done most men gain around 1 inch after using a penis extender for several months.

They tell you the truth and even have user photos and clinical data to back it up.

Why X4 Labs is different

Searching the internet for penis extenders can be confusing, they all seem to look the same. That’s because some of them are the same or are very similar. The X4 Labs extender is different in many ways.

The X4 Labs penis extender company understand that all men are different, they have different goals, budgets and are starting at different sizes. They have catered to this by providing a large number of options and choices for you to choose from.By choosing a penis extender that is suited to your needs, you will get much faster results and you won’t be paying for any extras that you don’t want.

X4 Labs offers a starter edition for guys on a budget, a peyronies edition for guys who are trying to straighten out a curve in their penis and premium packages for the guys who want the fasted gains. With every package you can add on their quad support which makes the penis extender more comfortable.

Support options

When it comes to enlarging your penis by using a penis extender, support is key – you are going to be wearing this device everyday for weeks or months. The more comfortable it is, the longer you can wear it, which means faster gains and a happier life.

As standard you get the 1 inch wide comfort strap with the foam ring and the comfort harness. Both options are very popular and work well. If you require more support you can pay extra for the double comfort strap support piece to hold your penis in place.

Where to buy

The X4 Labs extender can only be bought from the product website. Use the discount code “DISC75″ to get $75 off your order.

In just a few months by buying the X4 Labs extender you can become more confident and be enjoying a happier and healthier sex life. Get what you deserve, buy X4 Labs.

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 by James

I used a penis pump for about 3 weeks which really hurt my dick. Now i’m using the x4 labs extender and its much better, no pain and it actually works.


 by Vince

I got the gold premium one, it looks pretty damn swish, if only I could show it off to people.

When I wear it I feel like i’m getting a good stretch, my penis aches for a bit afterwards. It’s cool, I like it.


 by Neil

Got this for $199, nearly $200 cheaper than the other one I was looking at. It comes with the extra parts and exercise program which is what I wanted.

Good value and quick delivery.


 by Razor

This is great, every time I use it I feel a really good stretch afterwards. I use this for a couple of hours a day and on the days off I jelq with my hands.


 by Jake

Originally I was going to buy a penis pump and then I saw the problems they can cause. A penis extender seemed like the obvious choice.

3 months on I still use the device 3 – 4 times a week for a couple of hours and I am seeing progress. I’ve grown nearly 2 cm in length and I want to keep going as far as I can. Penis enhancement is something that i’ll keep doing.


 by The Dude

I’ve just measured myself and after using this for 3 weeks i’ve grown nearly 1 cm in length, I can’t believe it. I knew that penis extenders work but I didn’t think they would work this quickly.


 by Jim

OK so this is a good device but for weeks I struggled to keep this thing on, it kept slipping off the end of my penis, if i tighted the strap it caused pain.

After searching around I finally found a way to stop it. I wrapped my penis in a cotton bandage and this created enough friction to keep it on. It’s now so much more comfortable and easy to use. I hope this technique helps others.


 by Big Man

Just what I was looking for. I got this at half the price of the other extenders I was looking at.

It’s working well, I can see the gains.


 by Kurt

I feel like a new man. From 5.5″ to 6.5″ in just over 5 months. This thing takes a long time to work but it is so worth it. I’m now just above average and loving my new penis size.


 by Karl

This thing takes a bit of getting used it. You can’t just put it on and go about your normal day like some of the companies say. I like to use it when i’m sat down at the computer or watching TV, I put it under some baggy sweat pants.

 by Andy

I saw a penis traction device on a TV program and I just had to try it for myself. Ever since I started having sex as a teenager I wanted a bigger dick. This device has added nearly an inch to the length of my penis in 5 months. I can’t tell you how happy I am right now.


 by Dan

I tried the pills and they did absolutely nothing. I searched around and found this website. An extender is definitely the only way to enlarge your penis. I’ve been using the x4 labs for about 2 months and I’ve grown just over 1cm.

It takes time but it actually works. Don’t waste your money on pills.