Penis enhancement methods

When you search around the internet  it would appear that there are endless ways to enhance your penis. Pills, penis pumps, patches, oils, weights, surgery etc. All of this can be very confusing. The methods promise the same thing but which of them actually deliver the results you require? Which of them are clinically proven to work?

Avoid the scams and wasting time on unproven methods by doing your own research. We advise you to search the internet looking for different advice and customer reviews on which products work. To help you make your decision we’re going to run through the most popular penis enhancement methods on the market today and explain the risks and benefits of each one.

Penis Extender device

Also called a penis stretcher and penis enlargement device, the penis extender is the only clinically proven penis enhancement method available.

Penis extenderPenis Extender benefits:

  • 0.5 – 2 inch length gain
  • Increased confidence with women
  • Increased sex life
  • Feel stronger and more powerful

Penis extenders use the principle of traction – by slowly stretching the tissue and skin, a permanent length and girth gain can be achieved.

For many years traction has been used in hospitals all over the world for cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Thanks to the penis extender device, you can now reap the benefits of  traction.

The only clinically proven method

Even though the penis extender hasn’t been around as long as other methods, it is the only method that has undergone clinic trials and has been proven to work.

We highly recommend the penis extender if you are serious about penis enhancement and want to improve your life.

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Penis Enhancement Pills – Unproven

Penis enhancement pills are one of the most purchased methods online. They’re easy to take and readily available.

Penis enhancement pillsWhen used on their own they are not shown to produce any permanent enhancement. However, when used as a supplement along side a penis extender or natural exercises they have shown to increase gains.

The main benefits of pills is too increase your libido, make your penis larger when erect and act a bit like viagra. Take them for these purposes and when using a penis extender. Don’t expect any permanent enhancement results from them.

Methods to avoid

Penis Pumps – Temporary enhancement

We’ve all seen the Austin Powers movies where he enhances his penis using the famous penis pump. They’ve been around for a long time and are another popular method.

Reasons to avoid a penis pump:

  • Penis pumpOnly provides temporary enhancement
  • Can burst blood vessels
  • Can bruise the penis
  • Can cause the penis to become deformed

Penis pumps work by increasing the amount of blood to the penis, this provides temporary enhancement which lasts around 30 minutes. After which your penis will go back to its original size.

If too much vacuum is used and if the penis pump is used too often, capillaries and blood vessels will break which causes bruising. Experts do not recommend long term use.

Surgery – High risk & expensive

Most men believe that surgery is the only way to enhance their penis. In America and the UK thousands of men undergo expensive and risky surgery every year.

Penis enhancement surgeryReasons to avoid surgery:

  • Costs $5000 – 10,000
  • Over half of patients have to have corrective surgery
  • High risk
  • Doesn’t always produce desired results

Over half of patients who undergo penis enhancement surgery (phalloplasty) will undergo another corrective surgery. This is a very high risk surgery which means problems are common. Deformation, reduction in penis size, scarring and a weaker penis are all regularly reported problems.

Penis enhancement surgery can and does work for some men. But we recommend staying away from it until you have tried all the other options.

Weight Hanging – Dangerous

Weight hanging is a very old method which dates back thousands of years when men in Africa tribes would tie weights to their penis and lift heavy objects. It is now used as a penis enhancement method.

Weight hangingReasons to avoid weight hanging:

  • High risk of injury
  • Painful to use
  • Can make the penis thinner
  • Can tear ligaments

Hanging weights from the penis provides very little control and is an easy way to cause injury. This is an old method which should be left in the past. A penis extender does a similar job but is much safer and more comfortable.

Patches, Creams & Oils

These methods are suppose to work in a similar way to penis enhancement pills. In the research we have done, there is no clinical backing or data to show that these methods provide any enhancement benefits.

They may boost your sex drive and work in a similar way to viagra but they won’t enlarge your penis.


After doing our research looking into the most popular penis enhancement methods we’ve discovered that the penis extender is the only clinically proven method. It can provide permanent results and is backed by Doctors.

You want that extra confidence and that feeling of power, the only way to get it is with a penis extender.

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