Jes Extender Review

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Jes Extender review

The Jes Extender is one of the oldest and most sold penis extender devices online. The device was invented in 1995 and they have over 500,000 customers and over 15,000 users on their forums. They’re a long running company with a great history.

Through-out the years, the Jes Extender has been featured in Mens Health, Mens Fitness, FHM, The Sun newspaper and various other media publications.

The company are so confident that you will have a bigger penis and increased sex life that they offer a ‘Double money back guarantee’. If you’re not happy with the results they’ll give you twice your money back.

Buy Jes Extender – $249

 Jes Extender benefits:

  • Add length to your penis
  • Increase your sex life
  • Feel stronger and powerful
  • More satisfying sex

Results are guaranteed, over half a million men around the world have enlarged their penis using the Jes Extender. In just a few short months you can change your life and improve your confidence.

Finally you’ll have the confidence to walk up to a sexy woman and ask her out on a date. Men with bigger penises have more confidence and are more attractive to women.

In the media

For over 10 years Jes Extender have been selling their penis enlarger devices to the public. In that time they have gain a large amount of media interest.

Jes Extender media

In America, the UK and all around Europe, the penis extender has been featured, reviewed and talked about in many top publications. The media were interested to find out how the device works and what it can do for the average man. As the device became more popular, men started to tell their success stories and the media reported on them.

Finally there was an alternative to penis enlargement surgery, men really could enlarge their penises at home and for only a few hundred dollars.

Packages available

Unfortunately this is where the Jes Extender lets itself down, unlike our top rated products the X4 Labs and SizeGenetics, the Jes has higher quality devices gold and platinum devices that cost upto $1,399. But the more expensive devices don’t contain any extra’s. There are no pills, exercise programs or sex improvement DVD’s that the other extenders offer.

If quality is what you’re after, you can get a solid gold device for $499 or a platinum device for $1,399.

Jes Extender review conclusion

The Jes Extender is very high quality device that is proven to work and has sold over 500,000 extenders. Their long running history means that you can trust them and you know that they will be around in 6 months time if you need to contact them.

If you want a high quality device then choose the Jes Extender. If you want extras included then choose SizeGenetics or X4 Labs.

Buy the Jes Extender

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 by Sam

I got the original device after a friend recommended it to me. Its sturdy, looks well made and easy to put on.

Im a circumcised guy so the plastic and rubber straight on my penis used to hurt, I got around this by cutting up a sock and wrapping it around under the comfort strap.


 by Bill

I’m a 55 year old guy, most of my life I wanted a big penis but when I got married I put it to one side. Long story short, I’m now divorced and I can live my dreams again. I bought myself a Mazda RX8 and a Jes Extender. I feel like a new man.


 by Matt

The case and the penis extender are really nice and it’s working well. My only problem was that the shipping took longer than expected, I had to wait over a week.


 by Jack Bowman

I bought the jes extender because of the extra extension rods it has and the comfort strap looked good. I have to say that its a good device, it looks professional and high quality.

I wear it for about 2 hours a day on an evening when I’m at home and I can feel I’ve had a workout afterwards. The results are coming but it’s going to take a few months yet.